Roomscape v1.2 Minicraft Map

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    em Seg Set 16, 2013 12:38 pm


    Roomscape v1.2 Minicraft Map

    Map Info:
    You see that you are in a room. One chest. You open the chest and find a lever. What are you going to do with that? The choice is yours. in each room you will have a limited amount of resources which you a required to use to escape the room. There are 20 rooms. Each puzzle should be something new to you. Will you be able to escape all the rooms?

    Also, you get a reward at the end.

    Changes in 1.1
    • Game clears your inventory of shears, nether brick, and brick.
    • Game mode will always be adventure, no matter what you set it to.
    • Multiplayer fix for the weighted pressure plate room.

    Changes in 1.2
    • Re-added redstone lamp to the weighted pressure plate room (it was missing in 1.1).


    1. Wait 5 second
    2. Click SKIP AD

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